Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Supertrees in Singapore - Vertical Gardens Go High Tech

I think we've well established by now that I love a vertical garden! I also love the flat land kind, so you can imagine how enthralled I am about the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The installation is set to become the "botanical capital of the world" which means that I'm going to have to put my tukas on a plane and go see it.

I'll blog the gardens at a later point, right now I want to oooh and ahhh over the Supertrees. These structures range from 9 to 16 stories tall and some of them have been outfitted with solar panels to power night lighting. The Supertrees also harvest rainwater to re-use on the plantings.

Bonus points for beautiful night lighting and projection. These remind me of the Boston Treepods I blogged a few weeks ago.

Supertrees under construction in Singapore

Designer rendering of night lighting effects

Supertree bromeliads and ferns

Supertrees lit up at night - lovely!

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