Thursday, January 15, 2015

Solaria Off-Grid Earthship, Taos NM

I've finally been nudged out of my overwhelm by this lovely piece of architecture in Taos, NM called Solaria. While I love the house - and especially that mosaic column - the landscape around is a little bleak for me. I'd want trees. And lots of them.

The idea of being totally off the grid appeals to me in so many ways...right until the part about internet connectivity and speed. That's the deal killer. I suppose that if I didn't make my living needing high speed internet it might not matter, but for now it does. Sigh.

The video is a slide show of many of the pictures of the interior/exterior of the house, sadly it isn't a walk through talking about construction and livability. But we can't have everything I guess ;)

Solaria Earthship - Mosaic Column

Solaria Earthship Bedroom

Solaria Earthship Oculus