Friday, June 28, 2013

Kinetic Wind Sculptures by Anthony Howe

Today it's all videos since we're talking about things that move in the wind (a perpetual favorite topic of mine!)

It was really hard to choose which pieces to feature first from artist Anthony Howe because they are all so phenomenal. Once again, I need 30 acres and a botanical garden so I can start a collection of this guy's work.....

Lovely, lovely stuff.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Inorganic Flora Art - Macoto Murayama

Artist Macato Murayama has created these gorgeous images by dissecting flowers, sketching their parts, and then modeling them in 3D Studio Max. We don't often think of what marvels of engineering flowers are (and we also don't tend to view them as what they really are - the reproductive organs of plants...)

I found these flower images breathtaking even when deprived of their normal color and I found myself still imaging their scent.

Satsuki Azelea, modeled by artist Macato Murayama

Chrysanthemum, modeled by artist Macato Murayama

Japanese Lily, modeled by artist Macato Murayama

Spider Lily, modeled by artist Macato Murayama