Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Decorative Steel Gates - Bureau A

I'm a sucker for beautiful ironwork and laser cut steel. Which reminds me that I need to post some pictures of my own gates (soon!)

The design on these makes my Eye Candy circuits light up with "oooohhh, ahhhhh."

I also love that Bureau A went to the extra effort of lighting them and treating the gates like a piece of art. Kudos to them for embracing Go Big or Go Home.

The Portal - Bureau A

The Portal - Bureau A

The Portal - Bureau A

The Portal - Bureau A

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hyphae - Arboreal Lamps

I originally flagged pictures of these lamps from Nervous System because they looked interesting. When it finally seemed like the right day to feature them on the blog, I did some more digging and now I'm convinced they are the next Really Cool Thing I Need to Have (this, thankfully, is a short list otherwise I'd be a pauper.)

Each lamp is unique because it is designed by computer simulation and then printed in 3D. The simulation starts from a "seed" and builds out the circulatory system to carry nutrients to branches.

Thankfully, the lamps are currently out of stock, otherwise I'd be about $500 poorer right now. There is some pretty cool jewelry based on the same concept. I'll leave you and your credit cards alone now to talk it over.

(AND the light is energy efficient LED.)

Hyphae Organic Leaf Lamps 

Hyphae Organic Leaf Lamps from Nervous System

Monday, July 9, 2012

ORBs - Interactive Lighting Art from Urbanbotics

It is well established that I lurves me some interactive art, yes? Danish artists Urbanbotics created these amazing orbs that react to voice and music. What I love most is that when confronted with unpleasant sounds, they go and hide in the seabed. I can totally relate to that idea, being a rather sound sensitive person myself.

More beauty, wonder, and whimsy in the world, please!

ORBS by Urbanbotics

ORBS by Urbanbotics

ORBS by Urbanbotics

Friday, July 6, 2012

Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport

I swear, all the cool art in the world is happening in Singapore. Not only do they have the Helix Bridge and the Supertrees, but now they also boast the world's largest kinetic art sculpture at the Changi Airport created by ART+COM.

This looks so unbelievably lovely, I'm just imaging what it must be like to sip your Chai Latte at the terminal while watching the peaceful drops of bronze dip and sway like an whimsical natural rainstorm.

Pictures don't do this one justice, so it's all videos on this post.