Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tom Kundig Can Rock a House

Ah, two of my favorite things: interesting houses that go beyond McBox and work with nature instead of against it.  Recently I saw this one by Architect Tom Kundig, built in the San Juan Islands.

The Pierre House - Architect Tom Kundig

I love that this was built right into the existing rocks in the landscape - working with the natural design of the area instead of just flattening it out.

Living room of the Pierre House - Architect Tom Kundig

All the interior and exterior fireplaces were carved right into the existing stone and stone removed during the excavation was re-used as aggregate in the concrete flooring.

Sink in the Master Bath of the Pierre House - Architect Tom Kundig
The sink in the Master Bath is also carved into existing stone.

Really, lovely work!

Olson Kundig Architects