Saturday, December 31, 2011

Boston Treepods - Decarbonize Beautifully

Because I (a) am a sucker for beautifully lit sculptural art and (b) love "green" technologies -- these decarbonizing trees designed for SHIFTboston really appeal to me.  The design challenge called for a tree-like product that would perform the same functions (carbon dioxide removal, oxygen release) as natural trees but be usable in locations unfriendly to real trees (lacking soil and water.) Designers Mario Caceres and Cristian Canonico grew Treepods in the collective imaginations to fill the need.

Not only do the Treepods decarbonize, they also generate solar energy and harvest kinetic energy from integrated see-saws.

Treepods - Boston 

Treepods - Boston 

Treepods - Boston

Found on Inhabitat.
More info here.

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    Cheers Lloyd