Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mosaic Tile House - Venice, CA

So, there I was, cruising somebody's Pinterest board of mosaics when I saw it. A house covered in mosaic tile. Right here in Los Angeles...road trip~!

The house has been a 23 year ongoing art project (oh, how well I know how those are...) by Cheri Pann and her husband, Gonzalo Duran. The house is a typical Venice bungalow with two art studios tacked onto the back. Shown below is Cheri's tile and painting studio, you can see Gonzalo's metalwork and paint studio in the back. They are, as you might guess, the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

Those of us who like to create art we can live in, we get each other.

Mosaic Tile House - Venice (front of house)

Mosaic Tile House - Venice (front porch)

Mosaic Tile House - Venice (one of Gonzalo's doors)

Mosaic Tile House - Venice (side wall)

Mosaic Tile House - Venice (Cheri studio)

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