Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Penny Hardy - Metal Sculpture

The picture of "Blown Away" recently surfaced in my Facebook news feed and it really stuck with me. I'm not always a fan of "junk art" but the simplicity and sense of freedom from this piece really did blow me away.

The mental imagery of standing tall while the wind blows your mundane problems off into the ether, leaving you light as a feather and dancing in the grass is just so emotionally appealing. It reminds me of the sense of freedom that I feel standing near crashing ocean waves and realizing how insignificant all my little life dramas really are.

A trip to Penny Hardy's website brought more wonders in metal and is now making me look up metalworking classes over at Long Beach City College. Like I need another hobby.....

Enjoy the beauty!

Penny Hardy - Blown Away - Metal Sculpture

Penny Hardy - Shield 2 - Metal Sculpture

Penny Hardy - Angels in Harlem - Metal Sculpture