Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tree Faces Projection - Craig Walsh

In the events world, many of us are students of the "use the gifts your venue gives you" school (translation: stop just covering up the good stuff with pipe & drape...)

An artist less clever than Craig Walsh would have gone to great expense to put up screens to project on or just uplit the trees in dramatic colors. I've seen projection onto buildings before (and lots of it) but using trees is just pure genius. Bravo.

Craig Walsh - Humannature

Craig Walsh - Humannature

Craig Walsh - Humannature

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Paint in Water - Mark Mawson, Photographer

Filed under: people who's creativity makes me envious. Photographer Mark Mawson shoots these amazing images of paint drops into water using high speed cameras. I love the colors and the shapes, the work has an ethereal quality to it - especially watch the video. Gorgeous stuff....

BONUS! Video...

Aqueous from Mark Mawson on Vimeo.