Sunday, January 29, 2012

Helix Bridge - Singapore

The Helix Bridge in Singapore is our choice for some eye candy on a quiet Sunday morning. Apparently, Singapore is where all the really cool architecture is happening these days!  The other day I mentioned the Gardens by the Bay, and today we have this combination of groovy design and fabulous lighting on the Helix Bridge.

The Gardens by the Bay are just on the other side of the Marina Channel in Singapore, so there's yet another reason for a visit to tour more structures that are as beautiful by day as they are by night.

Helix Bridge, Singapore, Marina Bay

Helix Bridge, Singapore, Marina Bay

Helix Bridge, Singapore, Marina Bay

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Supertrees in Singapore - Vertical Gardens Go High Tech

I think we've well established by now that I love a vertical garden! I also love the flat land kind, so you can imagine how enthralled I am about the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The installation is set to become the "botanical capital of the world" which means that I'm going to have to put my tukas on a plane and go see it.

I'll blog the gardens at a later point, right now I want to oooh and ahhh over the Supertrees. These structures range from 9 to 16 stories tall and some of them have been outfitted with solar panels to power night lighting. The Supertrees also harvest rainwater to re-use on the plantings.

Bonus points for beautiful night lighting and projection. These remind me of the Boston Treepods I blogged a few weeks ago.

Supertrees under construction in Singapore

Designer rendering of night lighting effects

Supertree bromeliads and ferns

Supertrees lit up at night - lovely!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art Photography - Kristy Mitchell

Being as I love some eye candy, these photographs by Kristy Mitchell leave me oohing and ahhing something fierce.  Posted recently by Beautiful Life, this whole series called Wonderland is rich in color and fantasy.

Below are 3 of my favorites of the series, but be sure to click over to Kristy Mitchell's website and see the whole Wonderland series - a worthy few minutes of your time!

Kristy Mitchell Photography - Wonderland

Kristy Mitchell Photography - Wonderland

Kristy Mitchell Photography - Wonderland

Saturday, January 21, 2012

High Desert House - Kendrick Kellogg, Architect

The High Desert House designed by Architect Ken Kellogg is another of those structures that I find so visually arresting that I can't take my eyes off it. I have to admit that I'm less of a fan of the interior pictures that I've seen, it's the exterior shapes that my eyes caress lovingly. It might be that the interior just doesn't photograph well, as can be the case in organic structures.

The house is constructed of 26 concrete "wings" designed to capture energy from thermal mass. The wings are separated by glass that provides natural daylighting for the interior.

I simply love the shower rock work and cast fixtures of what I assume is the master bath. The house is near Palm Springs, so I have hope of one day getting to see it in person!

High Desert House - Ken Kellogg, Architect

High Desert House - Ken Kellogg, Architect

High Desert House - Ken Kellogg, Architect

High Desert House - Ken Kellogg, Architect

Architect website here

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art Lighting Fixture "Fragile Future" - StudioDRIFT designer

Today I'm posting another groovy art lighting fixture from Studio DRIFT.  This one is titled "Fragile Future" and like the piece that I featured previously - Flylight - this one can be reconfigured almost endlessly to suit. I particularly like it tumbling over things and down walls. The creative possibilities are everywhere for designers and artists since Fragile Future comes in modules that can be installed in multiple configurations.

Like Flylight, Fragile Future is a vision of the combination of nature and technology. The works are created using real dandelions integrated with an electrical system. For each "head" in the module, real dandelion seeds are glued to LED lights.

Fragile Future Lighting Art - Studio DRIFT

Fragile Future Lighting Art - Studio DRIFT

Fragile Future Lighting Art - Studio DRIFT
Fragile Future Lighting Art - Studio DRIFT

Designer website here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Hobbit House in Wales

The images of this hobbit house built in Wales just make me salivate. The construction, not so much. There are better and more sustainable ways to build organically and green while creating a dwelling that is comfortable to live in. I think the world of people who like to "rough it" with nature, but it's not a lifestyle for me. I did all the camping I'm interested in doing when I was a kid ;)

Sustainable doesn't have to mean uncomfortable, that's all i'm sayin'!

Anywhoo, this looks like a lovely place to live and kudos to the designers.

Hobbit House in Wales

Hobbit House in Wales

Hobbit House in Wales

Hobbit House in Wales

Website for the project here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rainbow Hill II - James Hubbell, Architect

Today, some more of my personal pictures from Rainbow Hill in Julian, CA. A former Bed and Breakfast now privately owned. James Hubbell worked on this residence for 10 years in the process of completing it.  For me, the master bedroom on the 2nd floor is the crowning jewel of the residence. The windows on the 2nd floor are located so that the sun wakes you up at sunrise with light pouring into the room (the preference of the previous owner - certainly not mine, I like to sleep in!)

There is a small fireplace in the master, as well as a bathroom and sitting area.

The master bedroom at Rainbow Hill - James Hubbell, Architect

Morning sun streams through these windows to start the day

The upstairs fireplace at Rainbow Hill

Previous James Hubbell post:

Hubbell and Hubbell website.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vertical Gardens - Replay Store, Barcelona

As if all the Gaudi in the vicinity wasn't enough temptation, I'm ready to pack my bags for Barcelona so I can ogle this vertical garden installation by Michael Hellgren for Replay Stores in person.

The artist/designer notes that this vertical garden installation was a little more challenging because the top half of the wall receives lots of direct sun while the bottom half receives none, requiring a whole different set of plants in each area.

Visit Michael Hellgren's website for more lushness.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bathtub Mosaic Art from SICIS

Not only am I sucker for art glass, I'm a sucker for a beautiful mosaic as well. Combine mosaic with normally boring plumbing fixtures -- well, now we're talking!

It should be no surprise that these mosaic tubs send me into a fit of WANT! Actually, the entire SICIS catalog lures me into Covet mode -- the marriage of art and functionality has never produced such stunning results. SICIS is headquartered in Milan, Italy and calls their company The Art Factory, which seems rather fitting.

There are multiple designs for each fixture, which you view at the SICIS website.

SICIS Shoe Bathtub "Audrey" Art Mosaic

SICIS Bathtub "Alba" Art Mosaic

SICIS Bathtub "Denver" Art Mosaic

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wood Sculpture - Henrique Oliveira, Artist

Today we venture into the world of organic art displays - with a "green" element.  This wood sculpture is created using sections of weathered fence from around Henrique Oliveira's native Sao Paulo. The artist (originally a painter) uses the peeling wood as brush strokes to add color and depth to his sculpture.  The pieces erupt from walls and ceilings.

I've always loved vines and the look of creative entanglement that is a hallmark of Art Nouveau style, so this wood sculpture really caught my eye.

Tridimensional Wood Sculpture - Henrique Oliveira

Tridimensional Wood Sculpture - Henrique Oliveira

Tridimensional Wood Sculpture - Henrique Oliveira
Artist website here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Art Lighting FIxture - Phillippe Malouin, Designer

I find myself really visually jazzed by this artistic lighting fixture by Philippe Malouin, part of an entire set using brass grids and concrete.  It has an architectural/structural quality that would make it a perfect sconce for modern applications.  Rather a bit of a departure from my usual taste that leans toward organic curves, but beauty comes in many forms!

I imagine this on a darker background wall as a focal point to define a space.

Lighting sconce by Phillipe Malouin
Designer website.
Reblogged from Dezeen.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vertical Gardens - Yoyogi Village, Tokyo

I think what I find so intriguing about vertical gardens is that they appeal to my desire for 360 degree immersion.  Creating spaces is, for me, about ambiance.  What I want out of a space (especially a creative one) is the attention to detail that a designer thought about more than just what was at eye level.  I want the sounds, lighting, textiles and entire design sensibility to take me someplace, to define a moment/experience for me.

The vertical garden designed for Yoyogi Village defines a lush and peaceful space and also provides a scenic backdrop from the Code Kurrku restaurant and conference spaces. Not only does the vertical garden provide fresher, moister air to the facility, it also creates a noise buffer to make the space more relaxing.

Vertical Garden - Yoyogi Village

Vertical Garden - Yoyogi Village

Vertical Garden - Yoyogi Village

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mushroom House - James Johnson, Architect

More commonly known as the Mushroom House, the original inspiration for the design of this residence came from stalks of Queen Anne's Lace plucked by architect James H. Johnson and handed to clients Robert and Marguerite Antell with the announcement "this is your home."

The 5 pods that make up the home include 2 sleeping area pods, a kitchen/sitting room pod, a living/dining room pod, and an outdoor living space pod.  The interiors are full of beautiful local artisan works such as tiles, creative ironwork, custom doors and cabinetry.

To borrow my favorite James Hubbell quote: "a house is a piece of sculpture that you can live in" the Mushroom House certainly qualifies.

Mushroom House - Rochester, NY

Mushroom House - Rochester, NY

Mushroom House - Rochester, NY

Mushroom House - Rochester, NY

Mushroom House - Rochester, NY
More photos here.

Architect website here.